Off the beaten track : Film City, Mystery Village + Desert Columns

Experience Description

Are you ready to discover Qatar's desert hidden secrets? With the tour, you will get to visit 3 of them and have opportunities to take very special pictures.

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel with a 4WD SUV at 14:30. They will provided assistance, if needed, while you transfer onto the vehicle seat. A special seatbelt will be provided to you to help with the balance during the drive. Once ready, the journey can begin, as you head to the west of Doha and immerse yourself in the desert. After about an hour drive, you will get to “Film City”, located behind a canyon in the desert of the Zekreet peninsula. Purely artificial city that was built for Arabic TV series, Film City recreates an antique Arabic village, in the middle of the desert. As you stroll around the empty space, you will genuinely feel like you have stepped into a ghost town! You will spend about 30 minutes there, after which you will go back to the car for the 2nd stop of the tour.

Mystery Village is located a 10-minute drive away. Also part of film city project, it features special house constructions, made of rock formations. As you wander around, you will get an authentic feeling of stepping into a Star Wars Movie.

After some time here, you will continue your journey towards the famous Desert Columns, about 25 minutes away. As you drive along the desert, enjoy the views around you and you might spot some camels on the way. Richard Serra’s sculpture “East-West/West-East,” is a set of four 14-metres tall standing steel plates that have been craned into place in the middle of the desert. They span over 1 km and make it a unique find in the desert. Take your time to take in the atmosphere as you have a look around the area. Special equipment and assistance will be provided if required, if you want to roll further around the columns and enjoy the magic sunset hour from there.

When you are ready, you will get back into the car and make your way back to your hotel in Doha.

Hours: 4.0
Difficutly: Medium
Guide: English, Arabic
Kids allowed: 0.0+
Starts at: 2:30 am
Private Tour
What's Included
Guides and assistants
Water and Soft Drinks
Special equipment
Accessible Equipment We Provide
Special safety belt
Important Information

The same price applies to all travelers. For this reason, when booking on our website, it is important to select the total number of people traveling, whether with or without a disability.

This activity has a medium difficulty rating. Accompanying participants must be moderately fit, in good physical condition.

Travellers must be willing to transfer to the vehicle seats, or be helped to do so, to take part in this tour. Wheelchairs will be folded and placed into the vehicle's boot.

This tour is not recommended for power wheelchair users as the wheelchairs cannot fit in the vehicles used. Manual wheelchairs and assistance can be provided if needed.

There are no accessible bathrooms available during this tour. A large bathroom can be found in Film City, but it does not feature handrails nor adapted sink height.

Being an Islamic country, women are requested to wear clothes that cover their shoulders, upper arms and knees to respect the country's local culture and tradition. Please note that the dress code is more relaxed in hotels and private clubs.

We recommend doing this tour at sunset, to enjoy the views and stay away from the heat, but different timings can be organised. Please let us know if another time is more convenient for you.

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Your hotel

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