Sharq Village & Spa, Doha

5-star hotel
Why book with us?

We are experts in accessible travel and we understand your needs like no other.
No more surprise of getting to your accommodation to find out that the accessible room you have booked has been given to someone else!
No more surprise of getting to your supposedly accessible room only to find out that it is not adapted!
We offer a premium customer service and we make sure that you get the best accessible room to meet your needs

General Information
Free Wifi
Free Parking
Restaurant on site
Breakfast included
Swimming pool
Non-smoking rooms
Common Areas Accessibility
Accessible Parking Space
Step-free entrance
Step-free common areas
Wide hallways (over 90 cm)
Accessible Room Type
Double accessible bedrooms available
Deluxe Resort View Double
1 Queen bed
Sleeps 4

Step-free entrance
Accessible wide door (+80 cm)
Lever door handles
Turning radius (+150 cm)
Step-free room
Free space to the bed (+80 cm)
Bed is too high (+23 cm)
Free under space table (+70 cm)
Light switch -120 cm
Thermostat -120cm
Step free access to the closet
Smooth floor (no carpets, etc)

Sharq Village & Spa, Ras Abu Abboud St, Doha, Qatar
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