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Empowering people with disabilities to explore Qatar without limits.

Making Qatar an Accessible Travel Destination

Ooredoo, on its mission to enrich people’s digital life, has partnered with Wheel the World to empower people with disabilities explore Qatar without limits and allow them to have the best information of accessible travel services in Qatar.

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Wheel the World is a benefit corporation with the purpose of empowering people with disabilities explore the world without limits. Through gowheelthewold.com, users can find and book accessible hotels rooms and tours that WTW team has tested and certified to guarantee the accessibility characteristics people with disabilities need. Once booked the tour or the hotel, WTW provides all information to the hotel/tour operator required to satisfy the travelers needs.

Accessible Equipment

Whill power wheelchair

A Whill power wheelchair is available for travelers who book trips with Wheel the World to use in Doha. This wheelchair allows people with physical impairments to move independently through the different terrains in Doha.

Vipamat beach wheelchair

A Vipamat beach weelchair is also available to explore the desert and the beaches around Doha.

Certified Hotels

More than 15 hotels have been mapped and tested to have the accessibility required by Wheel the World. All these hotels are part of Katara Hospitality, who is sponsoring this project by providing special prices to Wheel the World travellers.

Tours and Travel Packages

Wheel the World offers 7 tours, 3 travel packages, and 20 different tourist attractions in Qatar. Thanks to Qatar National Tourism Council support, 3 tour operators have been specifically trained to assist travellers with disabilities, and a Dhow boat has been improved to become accessible for wheelchair users.

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Accessible Qatar

We have partnered with Ooredoo to develop accessible travel experiences in Qatar and show that this country can be enjoyed by everyone. Check out our video campaign!